GigaOM Research highlights Scality’s Object Store performance, scalability and cost benefits

Organizations with massive, petabyte-scale requirements advised to adopt object storage

San Francisco, CA – October 16, 2013 – Scality, an object storage industry leader, today announced that independent technology analyst firm GigaOM Research has recognized Scality as the best object storage solution for performance, scalability and cost. Comparing how well the leading Object Storage vendors and open-source software provide massively scalable storage solutions and do so economically, GigaOM Research analyst Marc Staimer concluded, “Scality currently does an overall better job and does so at the lowest TCO.”

On September 17th, GigaOM Research released its evaluation of the Object Storage market, How Object Storage tackles thorny “exascale” problems. The paper considers how traditional storage compares to Object-Storage infrastructure handling multi petabyte and exabyte storage requirements.
“The conclusion the vast majority of IT storage pros reach is that traditional storage systems are just much too costly to justify for the exascale environment” says GigaOm Research. They continue, “Object-storage capacity and performance scalability is theoretically unlimited and has been proven to scale beyond 10 exabytes”.

The firm evaluated four leading Object Storage solutions, including Scality, OpenStack, Ceph and Cleversafe. These solutions were rated against seventeen key attributes, including capacity and performance scalability, data resilience for hardware failure, data durability, power consumption, quality of support and ability to handle block and file and storage implantations for Hadoop. Based on technical evaluation and interviews with users of each of these systems, Scality led the field, scoring best of class in eleven of the categories and warranting comments such as:
“Scality tends to have the lower TCO” relative to Cleversafe, Ceph and Openstack.


“The Scality Ring always provides consistently low latency as well as automated, predictive, and scalable performance scaling into millions of IOPS, thousands of nodes, trillions of objects, and exabytes of capacity.”

“We are very pleased that GigaOM Research has recognized the excellent work done by Scality’s engineering team.” said Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality. “We share GigaOM Research’s belief that the dramatic growth of unstructured data and the mission critical demands of enterprise computing require a different storage strategy. This in-depth analysis confirms once again that Scality’s RING is the leading object storage solution on the market”.

The full GigaOM Research report on object storage is available at

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