Scality and Dell Expand Collaboration to Provide Petabyte-Scale Software-defined Storage Solutions for Digital Businesses

Dell Purpose-Built Systems and the Scality RING Software Deliver Flexible, Scale-Out Storage Designed for Modernized Enterprises in Today’s Digital Age

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San Francisco, CA – April 19, 2016 – Scality, the leader in software-defined storage for the information age, today announced that Dell and Scality have combined engineering efforts to offer the Dell SD7000-S, the densest purpose-built storage server for the Scality RING file and object-based architecture.

The Dell SD7000-S combines Scality RING software and Dell systems for high capacity environments, and is an ideal solution for large scale file and object storage requirements. The SD7000-S with Scality RING expands to multiple petabytes and billions of objects with near linear performance scaling, offering joint customers a single source for acquisition, deployment and support. This ultra-dense storage server provides several benefits to customers, including:

– Reduced datacenter power, cooling and rack space;

– More efficient deployment; and

– Less hardware to manage and maintain for RING deployments

“Dell delivers the most comprehensive SDS portfolio in the industry, with tailored choice, innovation and our ability to provide global service and support for the entire solution.  Scality provides Dell the ability to offer our customers object storage with continuous data availability, non-disruptive upgrades and linear scaling up to dozens of petabytes,” said Travis Vigil, executive director, Dell Storage. “The new Dell Storage SD7000-S is purpose built for Scality RING and helps eliminates guesswork, allowing customers to get up-and-running quickly with our proven technology.”

To date, Scality and Dell have worked together to build software-defined storage infrastructures for managed service providers, government agencies, and media and entertainment organizations. The use of object storage drives better economics, increases scalability and offers flexible data protection. The Dell SD7000-S combines Scality RING software and Dell systems for high capacity environments. By strengthening and expanding their partnership, Scality and Dell customers have the best of both worlds: high performance, data protection, multiprotocol data access, and product lifecycle management.

“Customers looking to build or expand their environments based on the Scality RING and Dell hardware can now purchase a purpose-built solution to support their digital business. The new SD7000-S file and object storage server from Dell is optimized for maximum performance and petabyte-scale workloads,” said Erwan Menard, President and COO of Scality. “By working closely with Dell, our joint storage customers benefit with reduced IT complexity, lower overall costs, and more efficient infrastructure.”

This partnership with Dell, the second largest server manufacturer in the world according to IDC’s Quarterly Server Tracker, is the latest in a series of strategic achievements Scality has secured over the past 18 months, including new customers, distribution agreements, global resale agreement. Dell has previously offered Scality RING-based solutions built on its Dell PowerEdge server, Dell Storage and Dell Networking portfolio. For more information about Scality’s partnership with Dell visit:

Enterprises can experience Scality’s software-defined storage by using the free, self-service trial of the Scality RING. To register for a free trial of the RING visit:

About Scality:

Scality is the industry leader in software-defined storage for the information age, serving over 500 million users worldwide. Scality’s RING provides 100% reliable storage with unmatched performance, and is perfect for capacity-driven workloads such as cloud services, high-definition video, and enterprise archiving. It runs on any standard x86 servers powered by Linux, such as the ones of HP, Dell, Cisco, SuperMicro, or Seagate, and creates an unlimited storage pool for file, object and OpenStack applications. Thanks to its underlying object storage architecture, the RING scales to exabytes of data and trillions of files. Seven of the top twenty telecommunication companies, petabyte-scale cloud services, and Global 2000 enterprises rely on the RING for mission-critical applications. Scality is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices throughout the world. Try the Scality RING online at, and try the Scality RING trial for media and entertainment at

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