Scality Cracks Enterprise Cloud Security Anxieties with Secure Multi-site File and Object Cloud

Scality RING7 Tackles Rampant Cybersecurity Breaches Head-on with File and Object Versioning, Geo-distribution, Data Location Control, and Replication to AWS S3

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San Francisco, CA – June 6, 2017Scality, world leader in object and cloud storage, today announced immediate availability of Scality RING7, its new appliance-inspired multi-site scale-out filesystem and object storage solution. Scality RING7 brings peace of mind to security-focused organizations once leery of the public cloud. Using Scality’s new solution, companies can leverage its vast scalability benefits and be confident that essential data will be preserved, securely encrypted, disaster proof, and highly available.

Scality RING7 significantly enriches Scality’s distributed scale-out filesystem, allowing concurrent user access across sites and parallel writers to increase throughput. It also seamlessly unites the disparate worlds of file and object data, enabling users to access the same data from file or object protocols.

“Targeting prevalent cybersecurity and ransomware concerns, Scality’s new product announcement brings object and cloud storage to more conservative enterprises that place the highest value on data security and customer privacy,” said Amita Potnis, Research Manager at IDC. “Scality is driving home security, data preservation, and versioning features to help make these organizations comfortable with storing their most fundamental data in the cloud.”

Sixty percent of California’s population was affected by life-disrupting cybersecurity breaches in 2015. More than 49 million personal information records in the state were violated between 2012 and 2015, as reported by the state’s attorney general and the Center for Internet Security (CIS). Similarly, Europe has been hard hit by the epidemic with a 66 percent year-over-year increase in cyber-attacks in 2016. The EU’s watershed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to combat the problem, fortifying data protection for all individuals across the region. Scality RING7 perfectly underpins emerging security requirements as both governments and private enterprise hasten to enact stricter security policies such as GDPR through organizations like the CIS. Distributed, ultra-secure storage, complete with expanded capacity, increased performance, and location control, places Scality at the forefront of ironclad cloud security.

“Addressing risk in the midst of digital disruption is a constant challenge,” said Bill Philbin, senior vice president, Data Center Infrastructure Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.  “From the world’s most secure industry standard servers to our new StoreOnce CloudBank integration, HPE infrastructure combined with Scality RING7 provides a foundation for next-generation multi-cloud storage.”

Scality RING7 is the seventh generation of Scality RING object storage, which is now implemented at more than 150 petabyte-scale customers around the world. This release features data encryption, Write Once Read Many (WORM) change control, data-restorative versioning, extended location control for data sovereignty, and geo-replication for disaster recovery. Scality RING7 delivers cross-region replication to Scality RING and AWS S3 cloud for customers who require ironclad data protection.

“Since the advent of the cloud, concerns about security, availability, data sovereignty, and secure access control have been paramount. Enterprises across the media & entertainment, financial services, industrial manufacturing, government, healthcare, and telecommunications industries struggle daily with adequately safeguarding digital assets and customer privacy and complying with strictly enforced data retention regulations. Until now they have been reluctant to trust their most prized data to the uncertainty of the public cloud,” said Paul Speciale, vice president of Products at Scality. “Scality RING7 secure multi-site cloud alleviates these concerns, ushering in a new era of safe cloud storage for the most security-conscious organizations.”


About Scality

Scality, world leader in object and cloud storage, develops cost-effective Software Defined Storage: the RING, which serves over 500 million end-users worldwide with over 800 billion objects in production; and the open-source S3 Server. Scality RING software deploys on any industry-standard x86 server, uniquely delivering performance, 100% availability and data durability, while integrating easily in the datacenter thanks to its native support for directory integration, traditional file applications and over 45 certified applications. Scality’s complete solutions excel at serving the specific storage needs of Global 2000 Enterprise, Media and Entertainment, Government and Cloud Provider customers while delivering up to 90% reduction in TCO versus legacy storage. A global company, Scality is headquartered in San Francisco.

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