Richard Feltham

Director of Sales Engineering, EMEA

Richard Feltham Director of Sales Engineering

“I am certainly not one of those who needs to be prodded. In fact, I am the prod.”

Winston Churchill

Drive is key in the fast-paced storage market, not just to keep up but to become a leader and maintain that leadership. This drive led me to join Scality – a global leader in Distributed File & Object Storage – and helps me to effectively lead a team of highly-trained and highly-driven sales engineering professionals.”

As the Director of Sales Engineering in EMEA, Richard relies on his past experiences from the military, blue chip tech companies, the channel and tech startups, to provide pre-sales leadership. Specializing in storage early in his IT career has resulted in a deep understanding of what drives customer choices when devising storage strategies to combat the exponential growth of data in the multi-cloud era.