SNCF, France’s national state-owned railway company, is a massive organization with a long history of both reliability and innovation.  The stats that they track on speak to the railway’s pursuit of excellence. Their on-time performance and customer satisfaction are impressive, and speak to the solid reputation that SNCF has built over time—and their efforts to remain at the forefront of excellence. The SNCF Réseau (Network) EPIC of SNCF keeps it all working – and plans for the future at the same time. Managing traffic that amounts to 15,000 trains each day carrying 25,000 tons of merchandise and 10 million.
With more than 600 million eyeballs glued to Dailymotion-distributed video content every month, the Paris-based company grows 30 percent annually and is second only to YouTube in user traffic. It knows software-defined object storage assures the required high performance, boundless scalability, guaranteed availability, straightforward administration—able to be handled by a mere handful of staff, and low TCO. It animates customer satisfaction. And the company stakes its business on it.
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The formerly all-important ‘appointment TV’ days are thankfully gone. Back then, you had to set the date for your program, plan around it, watch it, or miss it, sometimes forever. Previously science fiction, watching TV live or on-demand anytime, anywhere on any device, is real, exciting, and here to stay thanks to software-defined object storage and entertainment innovators like Molotov. Jean-David Blanc, CEO at Molotov declares: “Molotov is a new vision of television, reinventing the daily pleasure of watching TV. We take the compelling content from the TV networks and provide it with a user experience that is second to.
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At SURFsara, more than 25,000 academics across 50 science-focused institutions are riding the software-defined object storage wave. SURF, a collaborative IT organization for education and research, uses Scality RING as its storage back-end to its SURFdrive private cloud storage service within its SURFsara High Performance Computing division.
Telenet Scaled to 25 Times the Initial Capacity Over Multiple Generations of Hardware and Experienced Complete Hardware Freedom with Scality Related Press Releases, Multimedia, and Links: View the Telenet and Scality Press Release. To learn about the newly released Scality RING V6 click here. Download the Scality S3 Connector Technical Whitepaper. Learn about the Scality S3 Server visit: For more information about the Scality RING, visit: Telenet Customer Profile
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Reflections on another Milestone Achievement   Yesterday, Scality was proud to be in a press release issued by Open-Xchange, announcing that Rackspace has chosen Dovecot Pro on Scality Object Storage for their email platform; and this will benefit more than 3.5 million end-users globally. “By moving to Dovecot Pro and Scality Object Storage, we hope to reduce the number of servers for our email platform to just a fifth of its previous size. This will result in massive cost-savings in up-keep across hardware, electricity and cooling,” commented Dan Shain, technical director, Rackspace. “We are planning to do this without any.
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“I’m Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality. I am extremely excited to share with you a massive transformation that will affect every one of us, in our personal lives, and in every business in every industry. This change is how data storage is done. In the next couple minutes, our customers, our partners, our shareholders, and our leadership team will talk to you about this massive change, and about how Scality is at the core of it.”
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“Deluxe OnDemand started about four and a half years ago. And, originally our target was the rent-tailers and retailers – so providing a library of content to power their online video stores. And over time we’ve really morphed a little bit to help power cable operators. So, both to direct to the set-top for playback and also for their TV Everywhere strategies for a delivering video-on-demand content. We have to take in all the content from 200-plus different content providers; aggregate it all, normalize all the meta-data, create transform rules and as well as do all the video transcoding to.
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  Scality Interviews Hans-Josef Lauer, Manager of IT Operations at RTL II, a top German TV Station who built a petabyte-scale Active Archive with the Scality RING software. “RTL II is a classical TV Broadcaster but by now it’s transforming more and more into a digital media house. We not only have content for the classical TV channels but also for online purposes for YouTube and also use the social networks to connect more and more people for those channels.
With 128 million monthly unique visitors (Comscore, 2014) on its website, almost 300 million of people who have seen a video through its video player monthly (sitecalatyst, 2014) and over 2.5 billion video views every month, Dailymotion is one of the biggest video platform and the most popular European site – across all categories – in the world according to comScore. Dailymotion uses Scality to store and serve those videos. Pierre-Yves Kerembellec of Dailymotion tells us why. Read more about Scality RING Dailymotion Case Study
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Global Bank

A global banking and financial services company headquartered in Europe is planning to deploy a Scality RING petabyte-scale store for global Enterprise Cloud services. Historically the bank has used traditional storage within silos of infrastructure to support mission-critical applications. But due to growing data sets and the need to keep several copies of data in different sites, those traditional storage solutions no longer meet the bank’s requirements:

International Government Agency

An international government agency deployed a 3PB Scality RING storage cloud that will be deployed for various internal applications, including enterprise backup and file sync ’n share. Additional applications are being evaluated for integration. This customer leverages the key RING features for Global Enterprise cloud, including support for mixed workloads, multiple protocols (CIFS, NFS and REST are used) and the hardware-agnostic architecture: the Scality RING has been deployed on a mix of different hardware platforms from multiple vendors.

Large Car Manufacturer

A large car manufacturer has licensed 5PB of Scality software of which they have installed 2PB. The granular and gradual scalability were perceived as a key feature as this enables the business unit to add capacity as needed, as opposed to installing a massive-scale infrastructure upfront. The growth rate is steady at about 1PB per six months.
SFR is a textbook Scality Web and Cloud success story: SFR has installed 2PB+ of Scality software as the backend storage cloud to offer a wide range of web applications to both business users and consumers. The applications include file sync & share (with Nomadesk), backup (CTERA, Commvault, Symantec), web hosting applications and video distribution. Key for the project was Scality’s wide range of integration methods and the multi-workload support.

Large Federal Customer

A large, Federal organization has acquired 46PB of raw Scality storage (34PB usable), to build an Active Archive, replacing their tape-based archives. The archive is deployed over 4 sites, to ensure durability and availability to end users in different geographic locations.
The project Host Europe GmbH ( ) is a leading provider of web hosting and Internet services for residential and business customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company offers highly resilient infrastructure in the form of dedicated and shared scalable managed hosting solutions for demanding Internet applications. It operates fully recoverable green data centers that use 30% less energy than conventional design.
The Project The Earth Observation Center in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany uses remote sensing and custom analytic methodologies to tackle tough issues in environmental and climate science, mobility and planning, civil security and the prevention and management of natural catastrophes. The Photogrammetry and Image Analysis department, headed by Professor Peter Reinartz required a high performance, durable storage solution to store its satellite image data.