Look Who’s Talking Multi-cloud Now

Saying "multi-cloud" without saying it: Within the first five minutes of his keynote at this year’s AWS re:Invent, Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, said something that made me take notice: “Most ISVs will adapt their software to work on one technology infrastructure platform. Some will do two. Very few will do three.”
AWS re:invent
Dusseldorf SDS Day The SDS Day tour continues.  Dusseldorf was the site for Scality’s first Software-Defined Storage Day in Germany on Thursday the 21st of September.  A crowd of nearly 50 people joined the event held at the BeOne conference center near the Rhine.  As attendees gathered before the start of the program, they had an opportunity to mingle and speak with representatives from Scality and our partners HPE, Cisco, Ctera, Veeam and Owncloud. To kick things off, Peter Kocur, Scality’s country manager for DACH, welcomed attendees and introduced Erwan Menard, president and COO of Scality to start the program. .
SDS Days
Software Defined Storage