Zenko is really getting noticed in a big way!  We just got word that it’s a finalist in the UK Cloud Awards, 2019.  As more and more Enterprise customers are feeling the pain of navigating and managing data in a distributed hybrid and multi-cloud world, Scality’s Zenko Cloud Data Controller is emerging as the solution.  We’re thrilled that the UK Cloud Awards have chosen Zenko as a finalist in these awards that were established to recognize innovation and excellence in the cloud industry. Here’s a link to the full list of finalists across all of the categories. We look forward to awards.
Scality RING received the highest scores for the Hybrid Cloud Storage Use Case , and the second highest scores for each of the other four use cases: Analytics, Archiving, Backup, and Cloud Storage. And, to us, it’s significant to note that Scality shows to be the top scoring independent vendor across all five of the use cases. For the report, Garner analysts Raj Bala and Julia Palmer evaluated 13 object storage products against eight critical capabilities: Storage Efficiency Security and Multitenancy Capacity Interoperability Manageability Performance Resilience Value and five use cases: Analytics Archiving Backup Cloud Storage Hybrid Cloud Storage Scality.
We’re pretty excited that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Scality in the top 20 of its Coolest Cloud Storage Vendors of 2019. This annual list recognizes the most advanced cloud technology suppliers in each of five categories: infrastructure, platforms and development, security, storage and software. CRN’s editorial team named Scality to the “Storage Standouts”, chosen for creativity and innovation in product development, the quality of services and partner programs, and demonstrated ability to help customers benefit from the ease of use, flexibility, scalability and budgetary savings that cloud computing offers. In addition to recognizing cloud technology.
Zenko 1.0 is a finalist for Storage Magazine’s Product of the Year Awards in the Cloud and Software-defined Storage category We continue to be pretty excited with the success of Scality’s new Zenko Cloud Data Controller, and the buzz it’s creating. Enterprise customers feel the pain of navigating and managing data in a multi-cloud world, to be sure, and the editors at Tech Target’s Storage Magazine and SearchStorage.com see the value of Zenko in soothing that pain.They see it clearly enough to make Scality a finalist in Storage Magazine Products of the Year 2018 for Zenko 1.0 in the Cloud and Software-define Storage.
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When we crafted the motto that Scality started using at the beginning of 2018: “We give freedom and control to people who make value from data,” we parsed the words carefully.  We were introspective about the characterization because we know a few important and basic facts to be true in the throes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Data is critical to decision-making and so much more, but the data itself has no value without intervention, interpretation and/or consumption by people at some point (usually many points), in some way. As the volume and value of data increases, the need to protect and.
Today Scality announced RING 7.4 Long Term Support (LTS) release: it’s easy to use and cheaper to deploy than any other RING ever. Customers can get started with a RING 7.4 scale-out file and object storage with just 3-server configurations. RING 7.4 is an easy, smaller and more affordable entry-point for software defined storage (SDS). Scality chose “easy” as a focus keyword for version 7.4 of the RING, after achieving leadership in terms of vision, capabilities and economics. The new Supervisor UI offers a comprehensive, unified portal for all aspects of management and monitoring of native AWS S3 and file.
With more than 600 million eyeballs glued to Dailymotion-distributed video content every month, the Paris-based company grows 30 percent annually and is second only to YouTube in user traffic. It knows software-defined object storage assures the required high performance, boundless scalability, guaranteed availability, straightforward administration—able to be handled by a mere handful of staff, and low TCO. It animates customer satisfaction. And the company stakes its business on it.
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Scality’s distinction in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for File Systems and Object Storage for two consecutive years is a strong validation of the power of the Scality RING object storage platform and the value it brings to our customers across wide-ranging vertical market environments, we are especially proud of our progression further into the “Completeness of Vision” and “Innovator” categories, which is testament to the strength of our groundbreaking product and cloud storage technology portfolios.
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We are pleased to announce the availability of Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage. Scality has been working closely with the Azure Storage team at Microsoft for the past several months on Scality Connect. Our product enables any application that works with Amazon S3 to support Azure Blob Storage. Why is this important? All of your proven Amazon S3 applications can start using Azure Blob Storage – without development effort or costly and time-consuming rewrites. You can read the press release here. Scality Connect is offered as an application in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Users with an Azure Marketplace subscription.
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Scality won the Emerging Market: Object Storage Vendor of the Year award at Storage Magazine's 14th annual Storage Awards. Storage Magazine recognized Scality for its unique appliance-inspired object storage implementation and Scality RING7 multi-site advancements, including: easy deployment, extreme scalability, high performance for enterprise applications, guaranteed availability, low TCO, and enabling concurrent user access across geographically dispersed sites.
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Downtime has been a plague on IT for as long as IT has existed. And the risks and consequences have become more severe than ever in the age of 24×7 operations, global ecommerce, and unified platforms across geographies. If your system goes down, so does your business, along with the hard-won trust and goodwill of your customers. No wonder nearly half of top IT pros rank downtime as their #1 problem. It’s everyone’s dream to be rid of it for good. Well, it’s time to break out the champagne—because zero downtime just became a reality. No misprint here: It gives.
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Scality Named a Leader in the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage Gartner has just released its first “MQ” on this combined storage segment. We’re proud to be recognized as a leader. And we believe that our exclusive expertise and innovation in this market play a significant role. With enterprise data volumes growing every year, and much of it unstructured, we’ve seen more and more enterprises switch to distributed file systems and object storage. Buyers now treat the two markets as one. In noting this trend, Gartner observes, “In many cases, customers seeking solutions in.
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Das Kernforschungszentrum Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) betreibt einen der schnellsten Supercomputer der Welt. Um schnelle Analysen auf 30 Petabyte an Langzeitdaten ausführen zu können, setzt es auf „Scality Ring“, ein Software-defined Storage-System für Object Storage. Dieses liefert einen Datendurchsatz von 28,5 Gigabit pro Sekunde.
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) va approfondir son partenariat avec Scality. Le géant américain de l’informatique a investi 10 millions de dollars dans ce spécialiste tricolore du cloud. Cet investissement fait suite à une levée de fonds de 45 millions de dollars réalisée par la start-up en août dernier. Par ailleurs, HPE a également pris une participation largement minoritaire tout en faisant de la société française son fournisseur privilégié pour tout ce qui est stockage de grosse capacité.
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HPE and Scality at HPE Discover During the recent HPE Discover event held in London, Manish Goel was joined on stage by Jérôme Lecat to discuss why software-defined object storage is the right storage for the idea economy. Related Links, Multimedia, and Previous Announcements: Press Release: Scality Strengthens Partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise for Software-Defined File and Object Storage HPE and Scality Portal HPE and Scality: Product Documentation and Technical Support For more information about the Scality RING, visit: www.scality.com/RING To try the software-based approach to storage with the Scality RING Trial, visit: www.scality.com/free Video: Scality: Storing the Information Age Press.
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Scality Japan KK: Scality RING — Special Prize Finalist About 400 companies and organizations exhibit at Interop Tokyo 2015, and they introduce their products, solutions and services. From those products, solutions, and services, juries who are experts in IT select grand prize winners and a special award. Products, Solutions, Services which are finalists are selected as Best of Show Award representing IT trends this year. Source: Interop Best of Show Awards 2015
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Les prix Blue Awards Mentor Le Blue Awards Mentor 2015 est attribué à Unilend, Compte Nickel et Scality. Ce sont trois entreprises qui travaillent avec BPI France. Compte Nickel a déjà été primé lors des prix de l’ADETEM, et Scality lors des journées de la FrenchTech chez Business France. Compte Nickel en particulier, connaît un succès étonnant: 190 000 clients en 18 mois seulement, un nouveau comte ouvert toute les minutes. Les raisons de ce succès: la confiance dans le bouche à oreille et le vecteur de recommandation (moins de 20k€ par mois en marketing), et des frais réduits, puisqu’il.
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2015 Tech Innovator Award Winners This year CRN’s Test Center’s Tech Innovator Awards program scrutinized products within 19 categories of IT and evaluated each based on their ability to increase worker productivity and reduce cost and complexity for solution providers, IT departments and end users through innovation and technical advancement. 2015 Tech Innovators Databank Scality RING: Honorable Mention — Storage How many North American channel partners are currently offering this product for sale? 10 What makes your product innovative? Scality’s RING 5.0, its general availability announced March 25, 2015, delivers a complete and seamless integration with the modern enterprise ‘Software.
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BFM Business Interview of Scality

Scality, the leader in software-defined storage for the information age: Jérôme Lecat – 10/13 Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality, explains Scality’s mission and its business. Since its creation in 2009, the French-American company has become the leader in software-defined storage and helps business manage massive amounts of data. “Our customers have thousands of hard drives and servers, and our job is to ensure that the data is reliably and securely stored there,” Lecat says. – Good Morning Business of Tuesday, October 13, 2015, interviewed by Stéphane Soumier on BFM Business.
Il vient d’obtenir le Prix Start-Up de l’Année 2015. Jérôme Lecat dévoile les clés du succès de Scality, devenu leader mondial du logiciel d’infrastructure de stockage de données, et analyse les forces et les faiblesses des start-up du numérique en France. Loin de la Silicon Valley, point de salut ?(…) Read more
Scality, le pionnier du stockage de données à grande échelle: Jérôme Lecat – 13/10 Jérôme Lecat, PDG de Scality, a expliqué les missions et les activités de son entreprise. Depuis sa création en 2009, cette société franco-américaine est devenue le leader dans le secteur du stockage à très grande échelle des données informatiques. Nos clients ont des milliers de disques durs et notre métier est de faire en sorte de distribuer les données sur tous ces disques, affirme-t-il. – Good Morning Business, du mardi 13 octobre 2015, présenté par Stéphane Soumier, sur BFM Business.
Interview by Chris Mellor With IBM buying Cleversafe, one of the two leading object storage startups, and the other being Scality, we asked Scality CEO Jerome Lecat half a dozen questions about the potential impact of this acquisition. El Reg: Does this imply that the shared storage model (Spectrum Scale aka GPFS) for hyper-scale storage is not sufficient? Jerome Lecat: There are many limitations as the shared storage model (Spectrum Scale aka GPFS) for hyper-scale storage is not based on an object architecture; namely, inodes, raw capacity of file system storage, etc. That type of model simply cannot scale as.
Partners say a Dell acquisition of EMC would rattle Cisco’s cage, forcing the networking giant to go hunting for an immediate storage acquisition. “They’re going to have to have a storage solution after they admitted Invicta was dead,” said a top executive solution provider and Cisco partner ranked on the CRN 2015 Solution Provider 500 list, who declined to be named. “If Dell buys EMC, Cisco seriously has got to do something.” Click here for the full article
IBM is planning to acquire CleverSafe, HGST bought Amplidata a while ago, and RedHat did the same with Ceph 18 months ago. If you put this information alongside the fact that disk shipments are doing very well, even when compared with Flash, it’s no wonder object storage is so hot right now. Scality is really focused on its growth now (targeting an IPO for 2017). It’s one of the best, and very scalable, object storage solutions out there and it is doing pretty well with RING, its product, sold as scale-out NAS (counting for 40 per cent of its sales)..
The storage market is still feeling the effects of a shake-up as new technologies come to the fore and legacy players scramble to avoid obsolescence. With SANs, NAS and DAS on the decline, flash offerings, converged infrastructures, cloud and software-defined storage (SDS) are making their marks, spawning an array of ambitious start-ups and forcing the hands of vendors that have relied on the technologies of yesteryear to turn a profit. For end users, many of which are juggling multiple storage types and attempting to strike a balance between old and new, the solution provider community’s expertise will prove invaluable in.
The prerequisite to tapping the vast amounts of data coming off the connected universe is an economic way to store that information while the analysis performed, which is what earned a startup called Scality Inc. $45 million in funding last week. The investment caps off two years of tremendous growth that saw sales of its storage platform more than quadruple. The software decouples capacity and management operations from the underlying hardware, allowing organizations to use cheap off-the-shelf equipment for their environments to lower costs. Scality claims that this allows its platform to efficiently accommodate up to petabytes of data with.