Erwan Girard: The Efficiency Expert


Promoted within the Organization Product Management

“Even if you have at your disposition the best experts in the field, you will still only be successful in a project if you’re perfectly organised and totally focused.” Erwan Girard is someone who is constantly striving to be more efficient. Since his arrival at Scality a little more than a year ago, he has been able to use these skills to his and the company’s success.

Director of product Management ScalityErwan started as director for product management, a role that he still occupies today, which includes managing a three person team. As product manager, Erwan has to explain to the engineers what the clients want. In order to do this, he has introduced an extremely detailed list of requirements, created by the customers, so that the engineers know exactly what they have to do. He has also made a precise roadmap for each project and he has defined the criteria needed to decide which projects are priority. For almost one year, Erwan was also engineering chief of staff. During this time, he introduced special meetings during which the engineers can talk directly to the leadership about any problems they are facing and what they need to be able to move forward.

Recently, Erwan has been given another mission, that of simplifying the customer’s experience with Scality’s software. Once again, to achieve this goal, Erwan wants to bring structure to the way people work in the company. He is in the middle of defining a list of best practices that the engineers, the customer support team, and the sale department must follow, so that at the end the client will be totally satisfied.

In his new role, Erwan can express another one of his qualities : he is a good listener but he also knows how to get people to listen to him. “Erwan has a lot of charisma, he knows how to talk to people and motivate them so that they can give their best,” confides one of his colleagues.

Today, Erwan, who loves to keep busy, is more than happy. “I have been given different missions that are more and more challenging every time. I’m never bored, only enriched,” he concludes.


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