Flying Cars and Outer Space Transporters: Nope; But TV Where, When, and How You Want It? You Bet—The Future is Now at Molotov.TV!

The formerly all-important ‘appointment TV’ days are thankfully gone. Back then, you had to set the date for your program, plan around it, watch it, or miss it, sometimes forever.

Previously science fiction, watching TV live or on-demand anytime, anywhere on any device, is real, exciting, and here to stay thanks to software-defined object storage and entertainment innovators like Molotov.

Jean-David Blanc, CEO at Molotov declares:

“Molotov is a new vision of television, reinventing the daily pleasure of watching TV. We take the compelling content from the TV networks and provide it with a user experience that is second to none. Using the Scality RING as our storage system ensures that content retrieval is quick and efficient and always available. Subscribers get what they want, where and when they want.”

Molotov depends on Scality as a core component of its multi-million subscriber solution, enabling customers to watch programming where and when they want to. In a business where user experience is as important as content itself, the innovative television streaming service keeps subscribers watching without interruption.

But don’t take my word for it. This is what Thomas Sangouard, Chief Information Officer at Molotov had to say:

“Scality is key to the success of Molotov. We don’t just get storage infrastructure. Their strong partnerships, top-notch personnel and key industry expertise were instrumental in delivering the perfect platform. To top it off, the economies and flexibility of the Scality RING have a great effect on the bottom-line.”

Indeed, by its own estimate Molotov saved at least 33 percent compared to other object storage solutions and significantly more compared to traditional storage systems. Savings are further increased as storage capacity and performance scales in line with business needs; without old-fashioned forklift upgrades.

The requirement for uninterrupted 24/7 content delivery, makes Scality RING indispensable to Molotov’s service. Scaling along with business requirements and no impact on service during hot upgrades is testament to the value of Scality RING for media and entertainment environments that demand zero downtime.

Enter the future now with software-defined object storage for your application and do what Molotov did: capitalize on limitless scalability, round-the-clock availability and service continuity, and lower TCO.

To learn more and download the full case study, visit the Molotov customer profile page on the Scality website.

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