Mining for Gold with Cisco and Scality RING, Now a CVD

If you are familiar with the term Cisco Validated Design (CVD), you already know why we are excited about it. If you’re somewhere in the middle–kinda get it, but don’t know why it’s cool–let me break it down for you.

What my super smart technical lead would tell you:

The published CVD details Scality RING software running on a cluster of UCS S3260 servers. The strategy for this project started with an approach unique from any other vendor–focus on the core network infrastructure and build up from there. Networking has always been a fundamental building block of software-defined storage, yet it is frequently overlooked when architecting storage solutions. It shows you what differentiators Cisco can offer for solutions like Scality’s–including leveraging UCS Manager to optimize network configurations.

If this makes the propeller on your beanie spin in the breeze, you can read all about it here.

What I’d tell you:

The inside scoop I can’t put in the press release is that we saw some of the highest performance numbers we’ve seen. And here’s the thing you don’t know–while the CVD was authenticated in a Cisco lab environment, one of our joint customers consented to run their real-world data live. I can’t disclose industry or use case because, well, I just can’t. But you’d know the name. The net/net is both teams were committed to running test environment data that our customers deal with daily when deploying software-defined storage at petabyte scale and it all needs to work all day, every day, no downtime.

What my customer, C Spire, would tell you:

As an innovator in the technology and telecom sectors, C Spire, the Cisco-Scality storage solution to deliver petabyte-scale, data-rich storage for their digital television product. C Spire is using the Cisco-validated Scality RING solution to help power a new sophisticated streaming TV service, eliminating the need for a set top box.

“Being customer inspired and a technology innovation leader, it’s critical that we have a reliable storage partner that allows us to scale quickly and meet the evolving entertainment and video needs of consumers,” said Ashley Phillips, general manager of Home Services for C Spire. “We worked very closely with Scality and Cisco to deploy a robust solution that allows us to optimize our new streaming TV product.”

(Ok, I swiped that from the press release). The C Spire team are champs and visionaries in their market space.

What my CMO would tell you:

The Cisco-Scality joint storage solution enables digital businesses to solve critical IT problems by managing data growth with predictability, leveraging standard hardware that is already proven in their environments. This CVD ensures that the Cisco-Scality solution is designed, tested, and documented to facilitate faster, more reliable, and more predictable deployments for customers.

All kidding aside, at Scality we are very proud of our Cisco-validated Scality RING solution and the market’s strong acceptance and many deployments of it. The bottom line is that enterprises can now build and deploy Cisco-Scality solutions demanded by those driving the digital transformation of business as they mine new revenue streams for future success.

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