Patrick Dos Santos: The Problem Solver

Scality’s leaders have created Le Club to recognize and reward team members selected each year for their exceptional contribution to the company.

Together with this acknowledgment, Le Club members are also offered the opportunity of taking a trip together, to rest and enjoy the Scality spirit outside the workplace.

For the year 2017, 20 employees have been chosen. Scality will publish a profile of a different team member every other week.

Meet Patrick Dos Santos

“I have never worked in order to be in the spotlight. What I enjoy most about my job is building something that works well and that everybody is happy with.”

Patrick Dos Santos is extremely modest. As a global support engineer, a role where he helps the other engineers, who are directly in contact with the customers, to fix any problems that can appear after Scality’s software has been installed, Patrick is one of the most respected and knowledgeable team members. But he doesn’t care about the recognition, it’s the work itself that matters the most.

Patrick joined Scality at the creation of the start-up. At the time, he was looking for a challenging job and he couldn’t have gone to a better place to find one. For the first deployments of Scality’s software, he had to work night and day, and almost on his own, to solve the problems at the clients. Through all of this, Patrick acquired a great deal of experience and a profound knowledge of the product. Today everybody asks him for his advice when they have issues and he is there for them all the time. “Patrick is always available when you need him. He never sees problems, only solutions. He is very patient, open-minded and never blames anyone,” confides one of his colleagues.

After all these years spent in the company, Patrick is as enthusiastic as ever before. What keeps him happy in his job today is the adrenaline rush that follows when a client asks him to solve a problem as quickly as possible. Patrick still gets that same buzz when working fast and under pressure.

There is also the challenge of dealing with new problems all the time and the huge satisfaction which comes from finding the solution, a satisfaction of having achieved something. Being very determined, Patrick never gives up until he has resolved the issue. He sometimes even can’t go to sleep until he comes up with an idea !Patrick Dos Santos of Scality Le Club Member

Patrick’s satisfaction also comes from making the customers happy. “Patrick is absolutely dedicated to our clients. He never counts his hours making sure that he has the best solution and that the customer is totally satisfied,” reveals one of his co-workers.

For the future, Patrick has no grand career plans. He is really fulfilled in his job and wouldn’t change a thing, as long as he can always find new challenges to take on.

Outside work, Patrick likes to take things at a slower pace. He enjoys spending time with his son, playing the guitar or having friends round to watch a football match, a sport he played intensely when he was young and is really passionate about. For Patrick, the secret of a good life lies in the simplest of things.

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