Scality and Microsoft demonstrate how to use any Amazon S3 application with Azure Blob Storage

Many applications use Amazon Web Services S3 for cloud storage. What if these applications could use Azure Blob Storage without any modifications?

Video Replay:

Originally presented on October 24, 2017

Join Scality and Microsoft for an on-demand overview and demonstration of Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage which provides an Amazon S3 front-end to Azure Blob Storage.

Scality and Microsoft will:

  • Present Scality Connect and how it provides customers choice and flexibility in cloud storage providers while saving time and money
  • Demonstrate how easy it is to get started and enable you to use Azure Blob Storage without requiring application modifications or on-going support of multiple APIs

Presentation Deck:



The Presenters:

Wally MacDermid
Vice President of Cloud Business Development

Jason Vallery
Principal Program Manager
Azure Storage, Microsoft

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