Scality cited as a winner as enterprise storage transitions to Cloud

Scality has long predicted that the Cloud and the continued explosive growth of unstructured data would create major shifts in the storage industry. Flash would disrupt transactional storage systems particularly in areas like high frequency trading. Software-defined scale-out storage leveraging commodity servers for use in Cloud delivery would disrupt traditional, proprietary enterprise storage systems.

ZDnet’s analysis of IBM’s decision to stop reselling NetApp, indicates that the trends forecast by Scality are well underway and are taking a significant bite out of last generation technologies.

As TechnoQWAN’s Chief Analyst, Robin Harris, noted today:

Everyone in the enterprise storage arena — except flash-based vendors like Nimble, Pure and Violin, or scale-out vendors such as Nutanix and Scality — has been suffering declining sales as cloud-based storage booms. Enterprise storage has suffered from low utilization, high costs, lengthy installs and complex management that makes the cloud pay-as-you-go model attractive.

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