Why Storage Is Broken

Charged with delivering always-on data availability to meet increasingly higher business demands, IT staff are in a crisis. Tasked with protecting the integrity of current data, senior IT employees are also responsible for the influx of massive new amounts of data. With the acceleration from structured to unstructured data, little has changed in the underlying architecture of enterprise storage systems.

IT staff deal with enough complexities – their storage solution should not be one of them

Together, Scality RING and Cisco UCS S3260 Storage Server deliver a robust, scalable and cost-effective solution for enterprise scale-out storage.

Proven industry-standard Cisco hardware delivers the form factor, density, manageability and economics to support deployments of even the largest systems with confidence. Scality software automatically manages and rebalances the I/O workload across the system as it grows and supports the repair of failures before they impact data access.

According to Gartner, a single network admin can typically manage only about 300 TB of storage, while Cisco-Scality customers have successfully operated 18 PB installations with just a single storage administrator, yielding over 50 times in savings in administrative costs alone. This can result in a dramatic reduction in the TCO and operations for storage.

Read the full whitepaper on the Cisco and Scality solution from TechTarget.


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