Scality Storybooks

Why is a software company publishing books?

What makes a company unique? Is it superior technology, the team behind it, or daring organizations that use our products to transform their business? Alchemy occurs when the right combination of forces comes together.

Since our earliest days, we’ve teamed with award-winning photographer Frank Roesner to capture that spark: what makes Scality Scality. We felt so strongly, we wrote a book featuring our ground-breaking customers, partners, and team members, to imprint this moment in time and remember it. (Then we wrote another book, and another.)

We print these beautiful books to thank our partners, making sure everyone who contributes to our success is represented and recognized. And now we invite you to enjoy a taste of 2017.

KlaresCoachingDiscover the world of acclaimed photographer Frank Roesner.
Based in Berlin, Frank explores and reveals our intense focus, our colorful culture, and what makes us special.

Latest Scality Book:
Creating Magic

Meet the people who make Scality a storage leader and see how our dreams are evolving. These international innovators share how technology is transforming their industries and delivery of information.

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