Bloomberg Media manages multiple workflows across multiple clouds with Scality’s enterprise storage solution


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Bloomberg Media Group - Streaming Video Storage - Private & Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud

Bloomberg Media challenged themselves to build a global system for file, object, and cloud storage that would serve all of their storage and playback needs worldwide.

Scality RING is the foundation of the enterprise storage solution, providing private & hybrid cloud, and a multi-cloud environment solution.

Smarter storage.
Faster storage.

“We have made very good progress in standing up not only a product, but really a whole infrastructure that could add the scale that we need for all of the changes coming in the future.”

Loic Barbou

Consultant, Bloomberg

New York City

Primary Benefits of Scality RING for Bloomberg

  • Hardware freedom

    Scalability and Ease of Management

    Scality RING is flexible and supports a global asset repository across multiple regions for Bloomberg.

  • Unlimited Scaling

    Archive space Availability

    Bloomberg can retain data indefinitely in a growing storage solution on Scality RING.

  • Uninterrupted Service

    Playback directly from Scality RING

    Scality RING provides a single platform for all media workflows and applications.

2 years

Customer since 2016 using both Zenko and Scality RING for private cloud storage in two regions.

20 PB

Usable storage on Scality RING across 3 locations.


Versatility to support multiple applications and workloads.


Data integrity and availability even if a server or an entire site goes down.

Bloomberg set a goal for storage: “anything from anywhere”. Scality helped them achieve it.

The Scality solution manages multiple workflows across multiple clouds:

  • Media file ingest
  • Content distribution
  • Scalability and durability standards that enable efficient, indefinite retention of their growing content
  • Edit workflows
  • Playback directly from Scality RING
  • Supporting a global asset repository across multiple regions

Bloomberg’s view of storage started with some basic premises:

  • Cloud egress is costly, and must be managed
  • Storing content on multiple cloud providers has a lot of benefits if managed properly
  • Public cloud storage doesn’t guarantee 100% uptime
  • Global content lifecycle policies enable flexible, standardized and scalable data management

Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Scality RING SDS Software

Solution Overview

Software-Defined Storage

  • Scality RING
  • Private & Hybrid Cloud/Multi-Cloud
  • SMB & S3 File & Object storage interfaces
  • Geo-distributed, 3 locations

Scality RING Delivers

  • Multiple use case capability
  • Support for global asset repository using S3 across regions
  • Availability – good resilience and flexibility to withstand failures
  • Multi-cloud capabilities