Dailymotion keeps adding capacity to its Scality RING because it’s easy to manage; easy to grow


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How has Scality RING helped Dailymotion’s business? It’s really simple: Scality RING gives Dailymotion’s engineering team confidence that they can grow their storage capacity to meet the hyperscale growth of their content and business. And with 30% annual growth, that predictability is critical to success.

  • Lower TCO

    Lower TCO

    Growing at 30% each year means expanding storage regularly. Scality keeps both acquisition and operations costs down and, thanks to the small footprint, it keeps facilities costs in check, too.


  • Security policies and standards

    Performance &

    Faster uploads and video delivery for the best possible user experience.


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    Growth is constant, and storage has to accommodate without loss of service. With Scality, expanding storage is easy and seamless.


The World in Video

Dailymotion is committed to video, believing that sharing video is sharing experience and variety in life.

Second in video user traffic only to YouTube, Dailymotion.com has more than 300 million users from around the world who watch 3.5 billion videos from its player each month. Those users contribute approximately 7 hours of video uploaded every minute of every day.

Whether live or on-demand, users can watch, follow and share from among every type of video content.

Predictability for Service Providers

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Solution Components

Software-Defined Storage

  • Scality RING
  • HTTP/REST storage interface

Storage Hardware

  • 90 HP SL4540 servers
  • HP Proliant XL450 servers

Maturity Matters

Dailymotion’s move to object storage, and its initial Scality installation in 2014, were prompted by concerns about performance and optimization for the best possible user experience.

Why Scality in particular? Dailymotion knew that a hardware-agnostic solution would be best for them, because of the advantages that it brings in lowering TCO and simplifying growth over time. Furthermore, “we did not find other object storage solutions to be as mature as Scality RING,” said Christophe Simon, system architect for Dailymotion.

It was clear that Scality RING would simplify filling future storage needs with its more straightforward architecture, ideal for a robust service. Using Scality RING directly behind the application servers, rather than using an intermediary tier of protocol servers, simplified the overall architecture and reduced the total amount of hardware and storage and server maintenance.

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Business Benefits

Performance & Availability

If they can’t access and upload video quickly and easily, users won’t use the site, so performance and uptime are critical. Dailymotion’s engineering team monitors the upload and download speed and response times regularly, and Scality performs.


A business that’s growing its storage by 30% a year needs reliable, predictable expandable storage. Using Scality, Dailymotion can control acquisition costs thanks to the use of standard x86 servers, and facilities costs, because the storage is efficient.

Easy Administration

Dailymotion keeps adding capacity to its Scality RING because it’s easy to manage; easy to grow

Dailymotion Scality Expansion Timeline