Rackspace Looks to Scality RING to Create Efficiencies with Infrastructure Assets, Meet SLAs


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Scality RING helped Rackspace manage costs, plan for growth, and improve operability for its hosted services. The company also realized CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Primary Benefits

  • Limitless growth multiple petabytes

    Scalability and Ease of Management

    Rackspace can add server capacity as needs change, enjoying interruption-free expansion.

  • Global connectivity


    Multiple data centers ensure top-notch survivability and data durability.

  • Low total cost of ownership Scality RING

    Lower TCO

    Efficient architecture, based on industry standard components with hardware flexibility.

Email accessibility and reliability

A long standing member of the Dovecot Open Source community, Rackspace decided to move to the Dovecot Pro system. This allowed it to migrate the back-end storage infrastructure to the Scality RING, leveraging HPE Apollo 4510 servers.

In line with its support promise, Rackspace planned to do this without service and support disruption. The combination of Dovecot Pro and the RING reduced the number of servers required by 80%, providing massive cost savings in upkeep across hardware, electricity and cooling.

It also made it easier for Rackspace to continue operating and growing its email service, while maintaining its usual levels of quality service.

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Scality RING SDS Software

Solution Overview

Software-Defined Storage

  • Scality RING
  • REST storage interface
  • Stretched RING configuration across 3 continents

Storage Hardware

  • 48 HPE Apollo 4510 servers with 10 PB RAW storage

Third-party Applications

Dovecot Pro and Scality RING

If you are looking for a hosting provider, it is impossible to bypass Rackspace.

One of the top operators in the space, the company has been innovating since its start in 2000. Regularly named one of the best companies to work for, its staff (who call themselves ‘Rackers’) are proud of their culture of fanatical support.

Photo – Left to right: Billy Robinson, Dan Shain, Sean Drummond, Michael Snow, Kelly O’Brien, and Brian Cross.

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