SNCF Analyzes Railroad Track with Data Stored on Scality RING


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SNCF is France’s national state-owned railway company, and operates a railway network that consists of over 32,000 km worldwide.

Scality RING is the foundation of SNCF’s data storage solution. SNCF uses Scality RING for railroad track analysis, including storage of drone images and data. SNCF is anticipating the explosion of data growth with storage needs that grow as they do.

Limitless storage for railroad track analysis.

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Ways that SNCF Benefits from Scality RING

  • Hardware freedom

    Ease of Management and Scalability

    SNCF is ready to handle expanding data storage needs with Scality RING storage.

  • Unlimited Scaling

    Archive Space Availability

    SNCF can retain data indefinitely in a growing storage solution on Scality RING.

  • Uninterrupted Service

    Multiple workflows with Scality RING

    Scality RING provides a single storage platform for SNCF digital workflows.

2 years

Customer since 2016 using Scality RING for private cloud storage.

4 PB

Usable storage on Scality RING spread across multiple locations.


Versatility to support multiple applications and workloads.


Data integrity and availability even if a server goes down.

SNCF uses Scality RING for storage of drone footage and photos, as well as data analysis

Solutions for Service Providers

Scality RING SDS Software

Solution Overview

Software-Defined Storage

  • Scality RING
  • Private & Hybrid Cloud/Multi-Cloud
  • SMB & S3 File & Object storage interfaces

Scality RING Delivers

  • Multiple use case capability
  • Support for global asset repository using S3 across regions
  • Availability – good resilience and flexibility to withstand failures
  • Multi-cloud capabilities

Providing Freedom and Control for People
Creating Value with Data.