Belgium’s #1 Service Provider Relies on Scality RING for reliable email storage


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Telenet - Email Archive

Telenet serves more than 4.9 million subscribers, of which 1.6 million use its Internet services. Since 2010, the company has used Scality RING, expanding and upgrading its system (even replacing all of its hardware) with exceptional data durability and no service interruption. Stretched across two locations, the system currently has more than 24 billion unique objects.

Benefits that exceed expectations

“As our business has transformed and our user base has grown, our need for storage capacity has increased exponentially. However, scaling up hasn’t required any maintenance windows or any downtime.”

“Because we use the RING, our data is protected by the RING software and completely unconstrained by hardware, so it has been a simple matter of adding and removing servers. We have faced zero risk of interrupting or impairing service, and our customer satisfaction has never once been compromised.”

Bart Provoost

Manager, Network Applications and Services, at Telenet

Telenet building

Primary Benefits

  • Hardware freedom

    Hardware Freedom

    Telenet uses x86 servers from best-of-breed vendors, including HPE, expanding as needed.

  • Unlimited Scaling

    Unlimited Scaling

    Telenet has grown its Scality RING environment more than 25X its original deployment.

  • Uninterrupted Service

    Uninterrupted Service

    For more than 6 years, Telenet has been able to upgrade and expand its storage infrastructure without downtime.

Growth, evolution and zero downtime for email archive

Telenet Email Archive

Email Storage Solution

Scality designed Telenet’s email Architecture end to end, including the customization of the Zimbra suite and the migration strategy for moving the user’s email from the legacy platform to the new one.

The infrastructure is distributed across multiple, geographically distributed data centers. This in combination with data copies across the RING’s nodes ensures highly predictable data resilience. So unlike a traditional NAS or SAN system there is no need for data backups (or the risks, expense and time expenditure that would be associated with them).

Solutions for Service Providers

Scality RING SDS Software

Solution Overview

Software-Defined Storage

  • Scality RING
  • REST storage interface
  • Two Tier / Geo-Redundant

Storage Hardware

  • 10k SAS disks in Tier 1
  • 7.2k SATA disks in Tier 2

Third-party Applications


Uptime over 7 years,
zero downtime

1.6 Million

Number of users
using email

24 Billion

Unique objects stored
with Scality RING

4.3 PB

Petabytes of usable capacity storage on Scality RING

Email Archive

We are very pleased…

“I think that every company that has a requirement for deploying or hosting services that require mass data storage can benefit from the Scality RING solution. It will absolutely help them in delivering (their services) at a lower cost, and help them to offer them at a more competitive level (relative) to the others in the market. And with the evolution of cloud services ramping up, this will be seen more and more in the market in the near future”.

Nick De Jonghe

Manager, Network Strategy & Architecture, at Telenet

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