We see limitless potential

Scality technology is agile, resilient, and incredibly efficient—just like the brilliant people who work here.

“We promote the best people, internally and externally.”

—Jérôme Lecat, Founder and CEO

Meet Scality team members who’ve been recognized for excellence:

A growth culture

Scality is always evolving, always learning. Continuously investing in technology—and the people who build it—with conferences, coaching, and curiosity.

Playing well with others

As a company, we recognize talent and reward accomplishment. Staying ahead of the competition requires long hours of research, collaborating across boundaries, and a flexible mindset. To support that determination, our wellness programs reflect a commitment to a healthy work–life balance. And at the end of the day, a job well done deserves a celebration with the team.

Permission granted

At Scality, we have our own style. Maybe it’s that little bit of French DNA. With offices in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., we’ve assembled an A-Team of the world’s smartest technologists. We pride ourselves on being truly global, like the businesses that rely on our technology.

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