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Aiming for Disruption.

It isn’t every company that seeks to disrupt its domain of business, but that’s what we aim for at Scality. We’re changing the storage industry to make unlimited, affordable storage accessible to everyone. This takes exceptional technology, along with exceptional people. And that’s where you come in.

We’re seeking talented individuals who thrive on innovating, thinking big, focusing in, teaming up… and doing all of this very, very well. If this sounds like you, then you’re our kind of contributor. We’ll go the extra mile to find and hire you, enhance your skills and talents, and ensure that you succeed here.

Our motto is, “Work hard, play hard, eat well… and amaze the customer.”

Scality culture.

Scality, the world leader in object and cloud storage, bridges the gap between application vendors and industry standard hardware providers to meet your cost-effective storage scale, durability, cloud and performance requirements.

Our Software Defined Storage RING allows you to store and access billions of objects or even PB- sized objects across standard x86 hardware to meet the most demanding digital business, cloud and application requirements.

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Technology at Scality

The Scality RING is software that turns any standard x86 servers into web-scale storage. With the RING, you can store any amount of data, of any type, with incredible efficiency and 100% reliability, guaranteed—all while reducing costs by as much as 90% over legacy systems.

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Scality Perks and Plusses


Our business spans the globe—we maintain regional offices around the U.S., in Europe, and in the Far East. Employees can take advantage of short rotations to overseas offices. International relocation is also a possibility for some positions and roles.


In a world where technology and markets evolve almost overnight, learning is a lifelong undertaking. We help our employees broaden their skills by sponsoring attendance at industry events, educational conferences, and technical seminars. We underwrite training in key foreign languages as well.


At Scality, we support employees in living healthy, fulfilled, and balanced lives—not just because it fosters productivity, but because it’s the right thing to do. We encourage physical fitness with a Sports Allowance Program that reimburses employees for gym membership and athletic equipment. We also sponsor employee participation in high-level and charity-related sports competitions.


Scality takes an abiding interest in the communities where we work and do business. We have a donation-matching program for employee contributions to approved charities and non-profits. We also promote and support initiatives to improve the social, cultural, and natural environment.


Scality supports the employees in our ranks who provide care for dependents. In the U.S., we offer our employees the option to participate in a flexible spending account, lowering their tax obligation by diverting pre-tax dollars to child care or caring for other qualified dependents. For European employees, Scality provides for the cost of nursery school and daycare.


Our employees live, work, and play in some of the world’s most exciting, invigorating hubs of technology, culture, and commerce—including San Francisco, Washington DC, Paris, London, Tokyo, and Singapore.

A Workday Routine that’s Anything But

In addition to all this, you’ll enjoy a stimulating and congenial workplace environment with highlights like these:

  • Weekly company breakfasts and lunches
  • Twice yearly Scality Rocks parties
  • New employee breakfasts with the CEO
  • An engaging and enjoyable onboarding experience
  • Regular internal “hackathons”
  • Weekly, live all-hands updates from senior leaders on team projects, goals, and milestones

Scality is a team, where, as our motto says, you can “work hard, play hard, eat well and
…amaze the customer.”

We live Scality’s philosophy every day at the office, with our weekly company breakfast and lunch, our twice-yearly Scality Rocks party, opportunities for new employees to have breakfast with our CEO, our fun welcome package for new hires, our internal hackathons, and our weekly all-hands meetings where our leaders share updates about team projects, our progress, objectives, and more.

We’ve put a lot of attention into designing our recruitment process. 

Candidates have between 5 and 6 interviews: many of these interviews are with people who understand the requirements of the job candidates are applying for; We also include an interview with one executive to share the big picture with potential employees.

We want our candidates to have a learning experience during the interview process. This experience will help them learn more about the company and perhaps discover more about themselves.

At Scality we care about culture and performance.

Before interviews, we invite our candidates to take time to screen our website in order to gain an understanding of what we do and how we do it.

When we meet candidates, we assess technical knowledge, culture fit and motivation.

We do this because we want to ensure that employees will be happy with us and that we will be happy with them.

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