More Petabytes for Politicians


Painlessly scale your production or OTT beyond petabytes.

Whether you’re simultaneously post-producing 13 episodes of a new end-of-the-earth sci-fi thriller, or serving up VoD alien invasions OTT, Scality RING will deliver the unlimited software-based data storage you need easily.

It’s getting crazy out there. With the addition of 4K to the media format mix, your storage needs are blowing past the limits of SAN and S3. Suddenly TBs are becoming PBs, and the need for exabytes is looming, right around the corner. Companies prepared to grow will have greater flexibility to match business and service needs, 100% uptime and better internal user satisfaction.

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October 6th and 8th, 2015
7 & 11 a.m. PST

Join us for an intriguing seminar, “No Limits! New Solutions for Your Video Workflow.” Presented by Scality’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Rajesh Vaidayanath, and DataFrameworks consultant Paul Honrud (who owns the patent on “Data Storage Management Driven by Business Objectives”), this free webinar will take you through elegant solutions for video workflow, from post-production to active archiving to cost-saving VoD without CDNs.

Data storage and retrieval needs are bursting at their seams, but Scality’s solutions scale with them—hardware agnostic—effortlessly and no ceiling in sight. But heck, this is just an email. Come and see for yourself in our free 30-minute seminar.

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