Scality & Cisco: The power of two.

Cisco-Scality storage solutions enable your customers to create an end-to-end application experience by integrating storage at the infrastructure layer while still gaining the benefits of Software Defined Storage.

The joint storage solution also provides a predictable and reliable scale-out storage experience that easily facilitates exponential data growth.


Scality RING Supervisor Demo

This video shows the new features available in Scality RING 7.4 release, including our enhanced Supervisor UI, Amazon IAM compatible S3 Service Management Console, Integrated S3 Data Browser, and much more.

In this demo, Scality RING is running on Cisco UCS S3260 M4 storage.

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Siva Sivakumar from Cisco and Paul Speciale from Scality discuss Scality RING Storage for Cisco UCS

Scality RING on Cisco UCS

Cisco - Scality and Cisco Advanced Services for Media

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Addressing Data Storage Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare with Scality and Cisco

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The reality of today’s Digital Transformation means that massive amounts of data of many different types are generated in the course of healthcare diagnostics, delivery and maintenance. Radiology, pathology cardiology, dermatology… multiple specialties contribute large images to the patient record, while audio, high-resolution images, videos, security camera footage, IoT, documents and other materials round out a large patient data set.

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