Partner Profile: Pebble Beach Systems

Pebble Beach Systems Broadcast Operations

Scality Preferred Partner - Object Based Storage SoftwarePebble Beach Systems is a world leader in automation, channel in a box, integrated channel and virtualised playout technology, The company specialises in delivering innovative and highly reliable solutions which are designed to make broadcast operations more efficient by simplifying channel control. Pebble‘s open and flexible systems are installed in more than 70 countries, with proven installs ranging from single up to over 150 channels in operation.

Pebble is focused on providing automation and content management systems which enable customers to continue to exploit best of breed and legacy technologies, offering solutions for complex and simple channels though the same user interface. By working equally with all technology partners, and offering impartial advice to the end user, Pebble Beach Systems enables customers to select most appropriate technology for each system, channel by channel.


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