Take Scality RING to the Cloud
with S3 Connector

Scality S3 Connector is the first AWS S3-compatible object storage for enterprise S3 applications with secure multi-tenancy and high performance

S3 API Support, Features and Specifications

  • Amazon S3 API support

    Comprehensive S3 API

    • Scale-out S3 endpoints
    • AWS S3 API compatible
    • S3 Bucket & Object APIs >
    • Multi-Part Upload (MPU)
    • S3 MD5 checksums for data integrity
    • Extended utilization API
    • Supports 100’s of ISV apps & tools
  • AWS and Enterprise Security

    AWS & Enterprise Security

    • AWS SIGv4 auth w/ key pairs
    • IAM (Identity & Access Management)
    • Secure multi-tenancy
    • Web GUI for User, Group, Policies
    • AD/LDAP Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Bucket Encryption
    • Secure Network with TLS or SSL
  • High performance metadata and metadata search

    High-Performance Metadata

    • High S3 ops/sec on SSDs
    • Scalable number of Buckets & Objects
    • Full consistency and HA/failover
    • Metro-area stretched deployments
  • Easy to deploy and high availability

    Deployment & Availability

    • Simple central installation
    • Docker container deployment
    • Centralized Admin UI
    • Up to “15 9’s” availability
    • Scale-out HA & performance
    • Support for one-to-many RINGs

What Can Scality do for Your Data?