Stay in Control of Your Data Across Any Cloud

Zenko is a multi-cloud data controller that enables freedom and control to create value from data across Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud environments. Available in both open source and enterprise editions.

Simplified interface across many clouds

Securely manage and monitor Zenko instances from any browser or mobile device. Over 2,500,000 Zenko Docker Pulls from the Zenko Community.

Zenko Demo

Through a point-and-click interface, Zenko provides an easy way for cloud application developers to create replication workflows.

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We give freedom & control to people who create value with data

Scality builds the most powerful storage tools to make data easy to protect, search and manage anytime, on any cloud. We give customers the autonomy and agility necessary to be competitive in a data-driven economy. Recognized as a leader in distributed file and object storage by Gartner and IDC, we help you to be ready for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. Let us show you how.