Future-Proof Data Backup for Digital Business

A Look at Scality RING for Enterprise Backup Storage

Digital Business runs on data, and you can’t afford to have any of it become inaccessible, corrupted, or lost. That’s why backup was invented. But data volumes have grown beyond what traditional platforms can handle—they just don’t have the speed, scale, and performance. Fortunately, software-defined object storage delivers all this and much more.

Read this informative ebook to learn how the Scality RING backup solution gives you everything dedicated appliances and NAS don’t:

  • Unlimited scale at dramatically lower cost
  • The flexibility to use standard x86 hardware
  • Astonishing 100% availability and 14 “nines” durability
  • Data recovery from hardware failure in minutes, not hours or days
Scality Modern Backup eBook shows how Scality RING backup gives users scalability, flexibility, availability and data recovery