Discover the Business Value of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING

Customers report massive value from economies, efficiencies, stability and opportunities for increased revenues.

As organizations move toward a complete digital transformation, they aim to adopt storage technologies that are agile, scalable, easy to manage, and are cost-efficient. Built on HPE’s Apollo 4200 and 4510 servers, HPE Scality incorporates a native scale-out file system powered by Scality RING architecture to support traditional file-based applications.

IDC interviewed seven organizations who have leveraged the Scality/HPE storage solution about the impact of HPE Scality on their storage and IT operations, businesses, and costs. IDC’s analysis quantified the value that the customers achieved as a result of their move to Scality on HPE servers at an average of $898,970 per petabyte, per year ($5.48 million per organization).

Key business value highlights:

  • ROI of 271% over 3 years
  • 9 months to breakeven
  • 46% lower cost of storage operations
  • 48% more efficient storage management
  • 99% fewer unplanned outages
  • $22.67M in higher revenue per organization per year