RING 5.0—Simplified management and monitoring

The Scality RING can be deployed across dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of nodes in a single instance. In such large environments, visibility and simplicity are key. Our RING Administration Interface provides high level information at a glance, with the ability to drill into more detail simply.

The Dashboard View gives you a high level overview of the environment (servers and nodes), the overall status (green, yellow, red), as well as the content being stored and managed (objects and capacity).




Sub-menus items like “Main” and “RING” let you dig more deeply into monitoring operations, bandwidth and capacity over time (fully configurable). The administrator can also see the number of operations and objects in the system over time with the ability to drill down.






You can even drill down to the server and disk level, and monitor operations at that level if necessary.




Of course, the best part of infrastructure management is when you don’t have to touch it at all. Here’s where the “Administration” tab comes into play. Here is where you can set the system to self-heal and self-balance, with thresholds to keep the tasks within reason. This way, common “fire drills” become maintenance, and maintenance becomes more and more automated.




And that’s it! At Scality, one of our prime directives is to make management of petabyte-scale environments much simpler.

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