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In this webinar, we discussed the need for software-defined storage solutions, presented the benefits of the Scality RING™, and lead a discussion with Leo Leung, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Scality, Marc Villemade, Solutions Engineer at Scality, and Rakesh Malhotra, VP of Product at Apprendra.


They talked about how the meteoric rise of users, applications, and data has driven the need for the cloud infrastructure model. Enterprises can take advantage of these hyper-scalable, always available, and extremely agile capabilities but in order to do so they must rethink the application layer and move to a more software-based, API-driven infrastructure.

They also talked about how traditional storage solutions are designed for terabytes, and not petabytes, and that SAN and NAS was designed to create silos of workloads, apps departments and sites. Users now expect that technology will be “always on” and don’t have the time to wait for maintenance windows, repairs and downtime that traditional storage requires. Lastly CFOs expect that the innovation of the cloud should match with affordability, but existing storage appliances are inflexible and too expensive.

Businesses can solve these challenges because the Scality RING:

  • Scales out to hundreds of petabytes and billions of objects.
  • Consolidates 80% of storage workloads in one protected, efficient environment.
  • Enables 100% uptime.

Is software-based, and hardware agnostic, allowing tremendous flexibility with hardware and even or mixing and matching with old and new equipment.

More about Scality RING for Web and Cloud Services

The Scality RING was developed using some of the key design principles used by giants such as Google and Amazon. As a result, Scality enables customers to build petabyte-scale storage infrastructures that meet all the performance and availability and durability requirements for scale-out web applications at a much lower cost than public cloud offerings.


Why Choose Scality?

  • Native HTTP REST for high scalability and performance
  • Easy application integration through a range of native storage protocols including HTTP REST (Scality, CDMI, Swift, S3) and file (NFS, SMB)
  • Unlimited scalability. Scales linearly under load without degradation
  • Lower TCO than AWS S3 through efficient storage usage and simple management
  • Proven 100% uptime with real customers
  • Serves mixed workloads: high throughput & IOPS, low latency

Customer References:

Dailymotion is one of the world’s largest video sites with 128 million unique visitors, more than 2.5 billion monthly video views, and as many as 600,000 simultaneous video streaming sessions. Dailymotion selected Scality for their video sharing web service on which users can upload, share and view videos, supporting over 40 million titles, each of which is encoded in seven different formats. Dailymotion licensed a 10PB Scality RING because the RING delivers excellent performance while being extremely cost-effective, with a straightforward architecture for robust operations. Scality showed significant performance improvement over EMC Isilon, which had been their sole vendor beforehand.


SFR is a textbook Scality Web and Cloud success story: SFR has installed more than 2PB of Scality software to provide storage for a wide range of both business and consumer web applications. The applications include file sync & share (Nomadesk), backup (CTERA, Commvault, Symantec), web hosting applications and video distribution. Key for the project was Scality’s wide range of integration methods and the multi-workload support. SFR installed a stretched Scality RING over their Paris and Lyon data centers, and leverage the intelligent data protection to provide the right SLA’s for each application. The low TCO enabled Scality to replace the existing NetApp infrastructure. SFR are now investigating how they can leverage Scality’s integration with OpenStack to complement their service offerings.

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