Get a head start on using the Scality RING

Wide Range of Capacity-Driven Use Cases and Verticals




Welcome to the Scality RING Trial Guide: the best way to get a head start on using the Scality RING during your free trial.

The Scality RING Trial is meant to show you how the Scality RING performs in real-world use-cases so that you can get a better understanding of what the ring is, how it operates, how you can utilize it for your business, and the benefits of using the RING. To make it convenient, you can do all of this instantly.


Getting Started

As explained in your registration confirmation email, within the next 24 hours, you will receive an email from “” The email will contain instructions for accessing your trial, including a login ID and a password.

Once you activate your lab, by logging in with your login ID and password, we’ll walk you through a brief presentation to explain the high-level benefits of the RING.


Once you’ve completed the presentation, in the top right portion of your screen, click on the “Console” button.

This will open up your instance of the RING, and a virtual desktop, displaying a Windows login screen will appear. To proceed, follow the directions on the story bar that will appear on the right side of your screen (outlined in green in the image below).


You’ll be able to move back and forth between pages by using the navigational arrows and the page numbers a the top of the story bar (<< 1 2 3 4 5 >>). Click on number 2, or the >> arrows to move to the next page and proceed to the next step.


Next, as explained in the images below, click the ‘Console’ drop-down button in the top right corner of the menu bar. Select the ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ option to inject that command in the Windows console. Select the Scality Trial user on the Windows login screen. Wait a few moments while the RING and Windows Console configuration completes, then click OK on the pop-up. After that click on “3” in the story bar to continue.


You’ve now successfully started the Scality RING. Continue to follow the story bar on the right of your screen as we walk you through three use-cases, and you get to use and see the Scality RING in action.


Use Cases




You will have 48 hours to use your Scality RING Trial. If you need additional time, please register again.


What next?

We are always looking for new customers, partnership opportunities, as well as for innovative ways we can work with our current partners to improve their business. Additionally, if you are interested in partnering with us for an event, Scality Conversation, or webinar, contact our marketing team today!