Financial Services

Gain the Storage Infrastructure You Need to Seize New Opportunities in Data-Powered Services.

Agile storage that keeps you ahead of your competitors—and in full control

Flexible storage is critical to launching digital services in a hyper-competitive financial market. With the Scality RING, you can scale data resources with great dexterity—securely, cost efficiently, and without limits. Gain all the storage capabilities you need to support private storage clouds, compliance archives, and web-scale applications.

Scality RING Scenarios:
  • Private Storage Cloud
  • Compliant Archives
  • Web-scale Applications

Private Storage Cloud

In financial services, the pressure on internal infrastructure teams is at an all time high. Between in-house application developers moving by the thousands to the public cloud, business units launching their own shadow IT deployments, and even more bottom line pressure, IT must change. Financial services infrastructure teams must provide internal customers with competitive cloud-like services. These range from conventional storage services like storage, backup, and file sync and share, to agile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and container-as-a-service (CaaS) development platforms that entail petabytes of raw file and object storage.

The Scality RING is the industry’s most agile, mature, and cost-competitive storage solution for meeting these evolving needs. The Scality RING offers application developers an AWS S3-compatible interface they can program to. With the RING, infrastructure teams can seamlessly connect these custom applications, as well as a wide range of S3-compatible packaged applications, into 100% reliable, petabyte-scale, on-premises storage.

Through storage consolidation, data protection at double the efficiency of legacy storage, complete choice of x86 hardware, and very low management overhead, financial services teams can realize a 50-90% lower TCO compared to legacy NAS and public cloud.



Why Scality RING for Private Storage Cloud?

  • Offers far greater cost-efficiency than AWS S3, with no hidden bandwidth costs
  • Enables lower TCO than legacy storage appliances through choice of x86 hardware, efficient data protection, and lower management overhead
  • Supports unlimited, linear scalability for performance and capacity, with the strongest mixed workload support
  • Provides 100% reliability with continual uptime guaranteed and automated provisioning
  • Supports the broadest range of application integration through native storage protocols including object (e.g., S3, Swift, CDMI, and Scality) and file (e.g., NFS and SMB)
  • Enables lower maintenance costs—requires one or fewer FTE per six petabytes



Scality Financial Services Private Storage Cloud Customers

Global Financial Services Firm

Large European Investment Bank


Scality Private Storage Cloud Application Partners

  • CommVault
  • Ctera
  • Open Exchange
  • ownCloud
  • Rubrik
  • Veeam
  • Veritas

Compliant Archives

As a financial services organization, your business generates enormous data volumes that require compliant storage, in many cases spanning decades of retention periods. To meet regulatory requirements, you often need to retrieve specific information from archives promptly and in the correct data format. As data volumes and regulatory mandates continue to expand,  maintaining compliant archives with legacy systems is often unmanageable.

That’s where the Scality RING comes in. It gives you the agility and control to tackle your most challenging data archive needs. The RING provides a high performance, infinitely scalable, highly durable storage platform for financial information. With the RING, you can access financial data very quickly using whatever applications you need. You can also meet compliance requirements such as SEC 17a-4, using the RING.  In addition, by integrating with more than 90 packaged applications, including email and records management, the RING makes things easy for business and technical staff alike.



Why Scality RING for Compliant Archives?

  • Offers certification with more than 90 ISVs, including HPE Records Management, most ECM platforms, and call center recording products
  • Enables very high throughput to and from applications for fast archiving and data discovery
  • Provides KPMG and Cohasset SEC 17a-4 certifications
  • Meets requirements for retention management and immutability (WORM)
  • Supports data encryption and compression
  • Provides policy-based data protection through erasure coding and duplication
  • Enables one storage “platform” across organizations, centralizing strategy, budget, and resources
  • Lowers TCO—unbundles hardware cost from software and simplifies administration at scale

Web-scale Applications

Financial services applications are undergoing sweeping changes and a very strong competitive environment. Today’s applications must accommodate web-scale, mobility, and ever-higher data volumes. More than 1,500 FinTech (financial technology) firms offer compelling new services disrupting every sector of financial services. Companies from other industries such as healthcare and insurance are further disrupting every phase of the customer finance lifecycle.

Within your finance services organization, accommodating such profound changes can place enormous burdens on IT resources. With the Scality RING, you get an extremely scalable and versatile storage backbone to support whatever application services you wish to offer your external and internal customers. From check and loan application imaging, to compliant transaction archives of incredible granularity (e.g., location, social network, etc), the RING can handle millions of simultaneous requests with 100% uptime and seamless expandability to petabytes and trillions of objects.


Why Scality RING for Financial Web-scale Applications?

  • Scales beyond petabytes at 50% the cost of AWS S3, without the “outbound” bandwidth tax
  • Enables data-intensive services across many simultaneous end customers
  • Provides 100% reliability and availability guaranteed
  • Lowers maintenance costs—requires one or fewer FTE per six petabytes
  • Supports and streamlines workflows—integrates with file workflows and supports web applications
  • Simplifies infrastructures with object and file compatibility in one platform