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Ensuring that data is always available when and where you want it, and that it’s in the format required for your application calls for an object storage solution built with a solid understanding of content preparation and delivery workflows.

Scality understands the demanding performance, scalability, and management requirements that content developers and the applications they use place on storage. Scality RING object storage provides them with the right platform for the job—on-demand performance and capacity scaling, always-on 100 percent guaranteed uptime, easy access to enterprise cloud features, all on standard mix and match servers to keep TCO low.

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Media Asset Management

Media Asset Management

Because it’s tightly-integrated with leading media asset management (MAM) systems, Scality RING software-defined object storage simplifies workflow by enabling you to catalog media assets stored on it. HiDef, low resolution proxies and mezzanine files can all be pushed to Scality RING by the MAM. Accessing and/or previewing those assets directly from Scality RING is then quick and easy.

Editors can search the MAM metadata database and move media assets from Scality RING to the production SAN or to their local workstations for fast and convenient editing. In addition, Scality RING’s support for object protocols like S3 make distributed work environments more efficient by enabling that same access and preview capability from remote locations, so review and approvals via the MAM GUI is simple and seamless.


Multi-CDN Origin Server

Multi-CDN Origin Server

Many content providers store their video-on-demand (VOD) catalogs with their content delivery network (CDN) providers. The immense growth of those VOD catalogs comes with challenges, including:

  • The high cost of storing content with remote CDN’s
  • Support for the full range of streaming formats to maximize monetization
  • Reach and diversification that comes from being tied to a single CDN provider

It’s time for change. Build your own origin server with the Scality RING:

  • Leverage owned content more effectively and efficiently
  • Control storage costs (CDN storage fees)
  • Increase flexibility with a software-based approach for storage, encoding and streaming
  • Extend reach to realize the full value of assets by distributing via multiple CDN providers.


Active Archive for Production

Active Archive for Production

Tape archives present a major obstacle to agility in post-production, visual effects (VFX), and gaming environments.  The multitude of technical limitations of LTO archives put a drag on productivity:

  • Technology upgrades that require migrations
  • Slow transfer speeds moving media between tape and storage area networks (SAN) for production work on SANs
  • Limited life of LTO tape means that tapes must be cycled—rewritten onto new tape—on a regular basis

This pain is multiplied as content file sizes grow from 4K to 8K, which exacerbates the pain of storage capacity limitations and long tape transfer times.

An active archive built on Scality RING keeps assets immediately available—no waiting for restoration from LTO.  Content on Scality RING can be prepared for production—in place—on ingestion.  Transcode, generate proxies, mezzanine, catalog in the MAM—all from the active archive on Scality RING.



Video Transcoding

Transcoding is a critical operation on the path to content monetization as it broadens reach for asset consumption.  A post-production function, transcoding converts video files from one encoding (or format) to another for consumption or editing. Given the broad range of devices used today by consumers for content streaming, a typical asset must be encoded in multiple formats and resolutions.  Its major advantages over tape (agility and availability) make using Scality RING for disk-based object storage highly preferable to tape for content “parking” during production.  As new content comes in, it can be moved to Scality RING to keep the production SAN free and, enhancing efficiency even further, it can be transcoded in place.


Video On Demand
and Cloud DVR

Video On Demand &
Cloud DVR

Scality RING is a perfect solution for storing video-on-demand (VOD) catalogs and Live-to-VOD workflows. Recognized by content providers and streaming/packaging software solution providers for its proficiency in these workflows, Scality RING enables:

  • Storage scaling: grows easily and seamlessly as your VOD catalog grows
  • No downtime: your VOD assets are ALWAYS accessible
  • Performance scaling: add streaming performance as your subscriber base grows
  • Adaptive workflow: use Scality RING’s native object and file system protocols to easily adapt to a new workflow or streaming format and additional ingest or packaging software solution.

Scality customers, including Dailymotion and Deluxe, have built their multi-petabyte VOD Origin Server infrastructures with Scality RING, and keep growing—without downtime, and on-budget.


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Powered by Scality storage, the world’s second largest video sharing website serves up 3 billion videos for 300 million unique users every month.

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Consumer expectations are high. Availability and fast access are critical to monetization and customer loyalty. Scality RING can help meet demands.



Cost-effectively grow to meet new organizational and business requirements across the enterprise using industry standard X86 hardware instead being locked into a proprietary architecture.



Unlike conventional NAS, Scality enables high availability and durability. And unlike other object storage solutions, Scality enables durability and overhead ratios to match the value of media assets.



Size matters, but speed matters too. No one waits for slow content delivery. Software Defined Storage and  high-density hard drives deliver.

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