Active Archive Data Storage for the Public Sector

Support petabyte-scale, data-driven services with less effort and lower costs.

Create a Single Pool of Storage for All Your Existing and Emerging Needs

If you’re in law enforcement, national or local government, public research, or higher education, you face data challenges of extraordinary scale and scope. The Scality RING enables public sector teams to create single, massively scalable storage pools that can easily accommodate all the data demands your existing and emerging data-driven applications require. With the RING, you can greatly increase agility, provide guaranteed 100% uptime, and reduce complexity and risk—and for up to 90% lower TCO than legacy storage.

Scality RING Scenarios:
  • Active Archives and Video Surveillance Storage

Active Archives and Video Surveillance Storage

When you’re in a public sector environment, expectations are extreme, timelines and budgets are always tight, risk avoidance is top priority, and data must be available at all times. Against this backdrop, your organization must find more effective ways to serve and preserve soaring data volumes. Accordingly, the storage solutions you choose must also provide the highest levels of accessibility, application versatility, reliability, and cost control. From criminal records to environmental data, research archives to traffic monitoring systems, airport security to facilities management, the data demands on public institutions like yours are moving well beyond the capacities of legacy storage systems.

The Scality RING offers you a flexible, infinitely scalable, and extremely cost-competitive option for your rapidly evolving storage needs. And with Scality, your stored data is always available and accessible—100% of the time, even during planned and unplanned maintenance and system expansion.

  • Active Archives. With the Scality RING, your organization can access, store, and manages all the data it will ever need—up to exabyte scale. It offers a flexible, versatile foundation for digital government, digital libraries, and conservation projects, among others. And by working with Scality ISV compliance partners, you can also ensure your data meets the strictest legal requirements. With RING features such as policy-based data protection and a scale-out design, storage architects can consolidate silos and reduce the risk of data loss. Data migration is no longer necessary with the RING, enabling the system to scale beyond petabytes without downtime. In addition, the underlying storage infrastructure of the RING is transparent to anyone accessing the system and can accommodate whatever apps people require.
  • Digital Video Surveillance (DVS). For DVS (also known as CCTV), high definition cameras, video tagging, and analytics drive up storage requirements many fold. The Scality RING is designed as a scale-out storage solution for mixed workloads. As such, it’s able to match requirements for a range of video surveillance use cases, including scale-out video archives, geographically distributed storage clouds to ingest video from multiple sites, and a high-performance storage infrastructure to support video analytics.

RING active archive


Why Scality RING for Public Sector Active Archives?

  • Offers instant accessibility to archived data—wire-speed performance that scales linearly
  • Provides high resiliency with less than half the overhead versus legacy storage
  • Scales as a single system to beyond petabytes, with less administration and upto 90% lower TCO
  • Supports legacy (file) and modern (object) applications



Scality Public Sector Active Archive Customers

  • DLR
  • Large Metropolitan Law Enforcement Agency

  • Ministry of Defense France
  • chapel hill


Scality Public Sector Active Archive Application Partners