Predictability for Service Providers

Predictability Matters

Service Providers have to be able to move on a dime, knowing that they can build-out linearly to accommodate volume at a predictable cost.

In the “as-a-Service” world, predictability matters; Scality’s Software-Defined Storage Solutions deliver. The reality of exponential data growth is not lost on us – we’re in the thick of it. Scality understands data, data growth and, the critical nature of data security, integrity, access and availability. Scale your storage business with agility, flexibility and confidence.

Scality Delivers the Storage Capabilities
Your Customers Demand


Expand easily from terabytes to hundreds of petabytes. Simply add industry-standard servers, and Scality software does the rest.


Use any mix of affordable x86 servers to reduce your storage TCO by up to 90% and beat your IaaS competitors on price.

Availability and Durability Matter for Service Providers

Availability and Durability

Scality delivers 100% availability, with up to 14 nines of data durability, multiple data protection techniques, and no single point of failure.

Multi-Tenancy for Object Storage


Secure & efficient multi-tenancy through an extension of the AWS IAM model for account and identity management, advanced authentication, access control policies and integration with enterprise security servers. This is further complemented through encryption, versioning and role-based management.

Compatibility with a broad range of applications


Native support for file- and object-based data and Amazon S3. Pre-integrated with a spectrum of widely-used hardware and software solutions from more than 50 certified application partners.

Web-scale Applications

Web-scale Applications

Digital business can depend on the success of web-scale applications like streaming video. These cloud-based applications are spreading from consumer, social, video, and photo websites to other industries, including public sector, financial services, manufacturing, and life sciences. A growing number of industry-specific clouds now host web-scale applications that serve data (e.g., IoT and sensor data), analyze data and share information (e.g., electronic health records).

Just as with multi-app cloud applications, single web-scale applications can have enormous data requirements. For example, the streaming video service Dailymotion manages more than 4,000 hard drives in their Scality RING system, and hosts more than 300 million customers a month. To support that kind of scale, many of these applications are inherently distributed and eventually consistent. Scality RING natively supports distributed architectures, which greatly improves efficiency, often removing entire layers of “translation” infrastructure in the process.

Scality RING has a proven track record supporting production environments that require millions of simultaneous video uploads and streams, billions of objects, and capacity expansions of tens of petabytes, all while maintaining 100% uptime.

In addition, the RING supports S3-based applications with full compatibility, along with other storage standards like Swift, CDMI, and Scality’s hyper-efficient native REST protocol, giving Service Providers complete choice for the optimal fit.

IaaS, PaaS, Hosting

IaaS, PaaS and Hosting Services

An ideal solution for Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and hosting services, Scality RING is the only storage solution to accommodate multiple workloads and lower TCO by allowing a mix and match of standard servers. Unlike conventional storage, Scality RING enables worry-free capacity expansion, upgrade and swapout as data is managed by the software, and not tied to appliance form factors. Service Providers can quote new business with confidence in the numbers.



Email storage is unique. Always on, its massive scale and continuous growth come from billions of high-churn objects, small and large, that devour multiple petabytes of space. And, the broad geographic distribution of users adds to the complexity.

When your business depends on providing reliable, accessible email services, Scality RING is the highly-durable, high-performance, scalable—and 100% available—storage solution of choice. The RING provides nearly unbounded capacity that scales without downtime, so customers see no loss of availability. That makes compliance, customer support and overall quality of service easier and better. Our partnerships with the leaders in email software, including Dovecot (Open-Xchange), Synchronoss (Openwave) and Zimbra, ensure a smooth integration, and the fact that our software-defined object storage solution runs on standard x86 hardware keeps costs predictable and under control.

Availability is key. Whether due to regulatory requirements or simply customer satisfaction, downtime is not an option. Scality makes 100% Availability possible.

The scale is massive…and continually growing. Those billions of objects in petabytes of space require storage that can grow cost-effectively to meet customer demand—and regulatory requirements.

Efficiency is a must. Scality’s software-defined object storage runs on standard X86 hardware, so there’s no lock-in to expensive proprietary architecture, and management is simplified, freeing resources for other tasks.

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