Real World Storage Challenges for Digital Video Workflow


The video data avalanche is coming!

The increasing popularity of on-demand content and binge-watching, plus the addition of 4K and mobile to the media format mix, is generating a mountain of data that must be processed, edited, transcoded and distributed. Storage needs are surging past the limits of SAN and Tape. Terabytes are ballooning into petabytes, and the need for exabytes is right around the corner. So how do you protect your video workflow from being crushed by all this data?


Introducing the Scality Ring

The answer is the Scality RING, an elegant new way to take control of your video workflow and post-production environments. The Scality RING is a 100% reliable, 100% software solution that runs on any standard x86 servers and can scale to exabytes without sacrificing performance.

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Our FREE white paper will open your eyes to the virtually limitless potential of the Scality RING. You’ll discover…

  • Why SANs and other traditional storage solutions can no longer serve as the only solution for end-to-end digital workflows, and how Software Defined Storage (SDS) can be a powerful complement to SAN.
  • Why SANs cannot provide the geo-resiliency and capacity-optimized scale required by data-intensive post-production and mastering.
  • How Scality can help you reduce costs from Tier 1 providers by enabling a significantly larger and scalable storage environment.
  • How it can decrease data management costs while improving retrieval and service levels.
  • How it gives you greater opportunities to monetize content.

…and much more.


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